It was a day of musical bliss when the School organized a Gospel Musical Concert on the first day of the month of September in aid of the upcoming mega event, the Diamond Jubilee Celebration of the School. It was a day to be remembered for ages with the hymns and tunes of the concert still reverberating in our minds and souls. The theme of the Concert is “Deo Gratias Yadah”, a mix of Latin and Hebrew words, which translate to “Thanks and Worship [be] to God”.

A wide range of artistes, choir groups and bands assembled at this gathering to perform their melodies. The groups that performed are the VAUDEVILLES JUNIOR, Proclaimers Band, AHAVAH, FERMATA, KC Lights, Trinity Choir, Miss Blessy Valte & Friends and the Lyndoh Family. The soloists include Ms. Ibapdianghun Mary Kharbithai, Ms. Badarinia Kharmujai, Ms. Daphisabet Gashnga and Ms. Cathrine Pyngrope.
The chairperson and host of the event, Mr. Elwin Kharshiing, set the stage on fire with his vibrant energy that had a domino effect on the cheering audience. It was a wide range of audiences with our very own, ever present, dear students, accompanied by their parents and family members, the past pupils of the school (who always make sure to be part of the School’s celebration), other dignitaries and invitees that included Mr. Jemino Mawthoh, ex MLA of our constituency.

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