Dear candidates, please see below the list of shortlisted candidates for admission to Class XI (Arts) Academic Session 2020-21. We will need your confirmation by end of day today, Friday, the 31st of July 2020. Please call on the mobile number 9615767963 or 8787470265 to confirm your application, post which candidates from the waiting list will be considered for admission.

Please note that admission will only be confirmed upon payment of the Admission Fee of Rs. 6200 (Rupess Six Thousand and Two Hundred). Please collect the Fee Book at the School Office between 10:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. The last date for payment of the Admission Fee is Thursday, the 6th of August, 2020. 

In case of any clarification, or difficulty in coming to School for the fee payment, you may call on the mobile number 9615767963

Sr. Joplin Suchiang



 Shortlisted Candidates

Sl. No. Name                                                      Status
1 Ashtha Tamang Shortlisted      
2 Baiahunlang Sympli Shortlisted
3 Christina Diengdoh Shortlisted
4 Cordilia Sharma Shortlisted
5 Dahunlangki Shadap Shortlisted
6 Daiabianglang Sohtun Shortlisted
7 Darilang Nonglyer Shortlisted
8 Eliancy Sympli Shortlisted
9 Enitia Sympli Shortlisted
10 Evarica Dkhar Shortlisted
11 Fairyca Sympli Shortlisted
12 Ferlynia Kharkongor Shortlisted
13 Hakalapynskhem Synjri Synjri Shortlisted
14 Hakanishwa Lyngdoh Shortlisted
15 Ibandari Mukhim Shortlisted
16 Ibansuk Mawlong Shortlisted
17 Jenifa Nongtdu Shortlisted
18 Jessima Kharbuki Shortlisted
19 Joyful Mary Sohbar Shortlisted
20 Larisha Kharsati Shortlisted
21 Longrika Lymba Shortlisted
22 Marina Lalthazuali Renthlei Shortlisted
23 Martha Thubru Shortlisted
24 Maryjoyful Lamare Shortlisted
25 Matilda Lyngdoh Mawlieh Shortlisted
26 Naphisha Suting Shortlisted
27 Onisha Muliar Shortlisted
28 Rimaya Tynsong Shortlisted
29 Roshni Nonglamin Shortlisted
30 Ruthi Vunghoih Shortlisted
31 Sambun Bareh Shortlisted
32 Shibyllien Nongkhlaw Shortlisted
33 Steffinia Kharbuki Shortlisted
34 Swity Reang Shortlisted
35 Tage Anka Shortlisted
36 Tr Ilarisuk Kharumnuid Shortlisted
37 Vanidda Mary Khongsit Shortlisted
38 Wailaddapha Sungoh Shortlisted
39 Wandarilang Rymbai Shortlisted
40 Yoowonka Muliar Shortlisted
1 Ibanisha Syiemsad Waiting List
2 Inisha Warjri Waiting List
3 Marisa Bamon Waiting List
4 Mildret Lyngdoh Nongbri Waiting List
5 Minduh Buam Waiting List

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