The Mazzarello Club was founded in 2015. The teachers’ incharge are Mr. Nathanial LyngdohMrs. Aida Syiem and Miss Elena Kharkongor

Motto: Live, laugh, Love

Emblem: The Mazzarello Club has an emblem which reflects not just a motto of the club  that is three L but it also explains what is at the heart of the club. The Emblem has Mother Maria Domenica Mazzarello watching over the children , who lives, laugh and love the Mazzarello way by firmly rooting themselves in God and trusting Him completely. The Emblem also explains the overall development and growth of the child. The main colors, blue and pink depict our ultimate identity, the identity to which we belong, to the FMA.

Activities of 2015:

1.The club organized an emblem competition and the winner was award with a cash prize of 1000/-

2. The club co-ordinate the feast day of St. Mary Mazzarello on 13th May 2015.

Activities of 2016:

1. Orientation programe on the year of Mercy, on leadership and etc on 23rd April 2016 at Siloam. This programme was arranged especially for providing in-depth information on the year of Mercy so that the students understand the true meaning of Mercy and hence takes the initiative to plan and suggest ideas to commemorate the year of Mercy.

2. Retreat for the club members

3. Cleaning drive

4. Planting a tree to mark the important of environment in our lives.

5. Awarding the students who obtained excellent in all spheres as a way of motivating them to achieve academic excellent.

6. Poetry competition to tickle the creativity and talents of the members.

7. Coordinating the Mazzarello Day cum Gratitude Day on 13th May 2016.

8. Visit the orphanage, shelter home and etc.

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